Sunday, December 16, 2012

STOLEN BIKE ALERT: SF Green and Van Ness

STOLEN BIKE ALERT: "Leader 725 in Seafoam Green 51cm was stolen Monday Dec 3rd between 7 and 8:30PM while parked at Green and Van Ness

Components (may or may not be missing): Black steel Surly Pacer fork (says "URL"), Velo Orange front fra
ck, Bullhorn Nitto handlebars with black Cinelli tape, Gold Sugino 46t chainring, black Sugino 165mm cranks, generic black saddle seatpost pedal cages, Vittoria rando tires, carbon spacers, Leader FSA ZS3 internal headset.

Other Details: Lady Alleycat, Bike2Bike, and NYMessKings spoke cards, bunny sticker (pictured below), pixel pig sticker, NorCal bear headbadge sticker, Santa Cruz screaming hand sticker, rainbow giraffe sticker, Huckleberry Bicycles sticker.

Two round 3-4mm paint chips on the top tube by the 725.

Contact brenda at biketobrew dot com if you see it!

STOLEN BIKE ALERT: SF: 20th st between Valencia and Guerrero

STOLEN BIKE ALERT: (via Aaron Weis)

"Just got back from the weekend in LA and my girlfriends schwinn voyageur touring bike is gone. I'm on 20th st between Valencia and Guerrero and it was parked under stairs inside in the hallway. We're
a small 4 unit building and everyone is close, so I'm guessing someone left the front door/gate open.

Regardless, it's a (I think late 80's) green schwinn voyageur lugged touring bike. It's on the small side, and I'm pretty sure the toptube was about 52cm. It's got 27" wheels and I relatively recently put a new pair of panaracer paselas on it. It's got downtube shifters, cloth handlebar's that have been shellacked and finished with twine (rivendell style) and tape and twine are years old and coming a bit loose. Not shown in the picture below are a nitto mark's rack on the front, an all black rack on the back and a black and red terry liberator seat.

She of course really loves it and it's taken us on quite a few little trips. I'm guessing it was taken Friday or Sat Night.

If anyone sees anything, please let me know: aaronweis at gmail dot com"

STOLEN BIKE ALERT: 1990's De Bernardi SF castro / upper market

STOLEN BIKE ALERT: "Stolen from my garage early this morning, 1990's De Bernardi bike made into a commuter bike. Black 57 cm frame with lots of white chips and wire basket. Brown and white tires. Tan leather grips and distinctive tan Selle
Anatomica saddle with center cut out. One of a kind bike that I really treasured. Any help to find this will be rewarded. Please contact Brett at b_macfadden at hotmail dot com with any info."

STOLEN BIKE ALERT: Women's White/Blue Trek road bike w/ Pink Handlebars - El Cerrito Plaza BART Station

STOLEN BIKE ALERT: Women's White/Blue Trek road bike w/ Pink Handlebars - El Cerrito Plaza BART Station

"As appears in photo, except with light pink handlebars.

Serial WTU20300153C.

Although I'm sure it's unlikely to make its way back to me, thank you greatly for watching out.

veenaipatel at gmail dot com"

stolen purple schwinn santa clara

STOLEN BIKE ALERT: Purple Schwinn Bike; stolen by using cable cutters on lock, Great America Parkway Santa Clara, early evening 12/9/12.

"Purple, women's frame, 19". One speed coaster brake.
Bicycle frame number: KC29055, written on non-drive side rear dropout. New crank set, pedals, and front chain ring.
Need to get this bike back. Blackburn rack, red REI pannier bags, and black duffel bag. Lots
of stuff in these, stuff of zero commercial value. But I need it back.

On board was large orange covered book from SJSU library, need to return it. Physics : parts I and II / David Halliday, Robert Resnick.

Can return anonymously, no questions asked.
Please contact me or Santa Clara Police.

I saw the guy who rode off with it. Seemed to be two guys working together. I did not get a good look at the partner. If law enforcement or anybody else has suspect photos, even from other cases, I would be happy to look at them.

Here I have borrowed a Schwinn Breeze picture from somewhere. It is what my 1970 Schwinn Breeze originally looked like. It still has its chrome fenders and its rear red reflector. It still has the original handle bars with the Schwinn plastic hand grips epoxyed on.

Some times photographs distort colors, or sometimes some people see colors different from others. Mine is definitely seen by most as purple.

My bike has a different seat, a black seat of the same shape as the original and with two springs. There is a longitudinal tear near the front of the seat, on the right side, about 4 inches long.

There are large paint scratches and some of the decals have washed off. It still has its matching aluminum Schwinn chain guard and the Schwinn head tube badge.

It has a different crank set, chain ring, and pedals. The pedals are aluminum colored Well Go's, with little studs that dig into your shoes. The chain ring is a Dimension 44t Cruiser Model. It has 4 large holes and 3 small holes. The drive pin is where the forth small hole might have been.

My bike has its Bendix RB-2 rear hub, indentifiable by the red band around the center."

Contact owner here if you see it: boss302sweet at gmail dot com

Sunday, August 12, 2012

1969 raleigh pro

the latest stable member. Bob Freitas gave me a heads up on this f&f on dabay and i built it up with stuff that i mostly had laying around. it's almost too big for me and not "right" according to the catalog page but, hey, poetic license... it rides like a dream. more pics here:

'til next time, "Have a Nice Ride..."

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Bastille Day ride 2012

Here's a bigger pic:

ride announcement:

James Brown would like to call our First Annual Bastille Day Ride on Saturday July 14th (Bastille Day no less)
We will meet at the Woodside School (Woodside California)at 9:30 AM for a 10AM rollout.
Drag out that dusty old French Bike (or at least an old Beret) for our usual Woodside Ride followed by Lunch (Roberts will probably be running a Special on Frommage)
Special Awards for some obscure Criteria to be establish later(but probably having to do with French stuff or Hairy Armpits)

So one more time with the usual :
Park at Woodside School for the meet up at 9:30 AM Riding away at 10AM

Please RSVP so we have a head count of whos expected and whos late as usual (Brad?)

See you there

as usual Any Old Bike is OK with us so dont be put off by the French Theme

19 ciclisti showed up - 'twas a very nice ride and hope to do this again next year!

'til next time, "Have a Nice Ride"...

Thursday, May 24, 2012

stolen bike! be on the lookout!

----------------^^ click pic above for full view ^^-------------------

----------------^^ click pic above for full view ^^-------------------

My very good friend's 6 year old son had his bike stolen while at his older brother's graduation ceremony at Balboa High in SF today. His father built this custom specifically for his son. Here is a description:

"It is a Free Agent steel BMX, black paint with yellow and red decals. The rear wheel is a custom built, skinny 20", anodized blue and laced up with a new S-A 3-speed hub with integrated coaster brake (if you see the wheel it is ours, there isn't another one like it). It does not match the front wheel which is silver. There are no hand brakes. It has a 3-speed twist shift with blue hand grips. The cranks are quite rare because of their size- 145mm. It has a new black Tony Hawk seat with molded finger grips under the seat nose and under the back of the seat (makes it easy to pick up and move). There is a brass incredibell on the handlebars and the lights were mounted on it at the time (Planet Bike blinky on front handle bars and Knog light on seat post.

This bike will be at a flea market this weekend. The parts are way too good for this asshole to not try to move. If you are near a flea market this weekend, please give a look. Without this bicycle we are crippled in our family bicycling and tomorrow is the last day of school and the first day of summer bicycle adventure time!"

If you have any info please text 408.209.6826 immediately. Thank you.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Stolen bike in SF - please be on the lookout...

Everyone and anyone that can help..
Last night Mandy's bike was stolen at the Metreon Theater. Its a size 48 Orange powder coated Bare knuckle track bike with a front brake, white machined deep v's laced to standard miche hubs, nitto drop bars with white cloth bar tape, silver chris king head set, white saddle, silver kazane cranks, mks pedals, nitto cages with single white straps, white chain.....

Please spread the word and let mandy or myself know if you see anything on the interwebs or even in the streets. East Bay included.

Thank you to any and all that can help

Friday, April 20, 2012

Springtime ride in Boulder Creek

It's amazing how installing a new chain can make your bike feel brand new again. Don't think I've ever done this ride so fast before but I just didn't want to stop...

Sunday, January 15, 2012

2011 Fausto Coppi memorial ride

another fun ride called by Dave M:

Hello All,

"Let us don our tattered woolens and resurrect that faded, almost forgotten Milanese eagle which symbolised the epoch of cycling".

Time to get yer Bianchi goin.... Or

Any vintage Italian bike from the Coppi era 1939 to 1960 Or

Any vintage bike. Or

Any bike. All are welcome.

Join me and Linda for the annual Fausto Coppi Memorial Ride and Luncheon. We will meet on Saturday January 14, 9:30 with a 10:00 depart at Woodside School.

The ride will be about 25 miles or so with a relaxed pace. Afterward, rejoin the group at Bucca di Beppo, 643 Emerson St. Palo Alto, (650) 329-0665. Reservations will be for 2:30pm. We will dine on such a meal that would make mama Coppi proud. Please RSVP me if you're going to be joining us at Bucca. Non riders are welcome. Bring anything related for show and tell.

We will celebrate the times of the heroic and tragic figure which captivated a generation - Fausto Coppi!

Regards, David Martinez

more pics here:

'til next time, "Have a Nice Ride!"

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

stolen tandem

My friend's tandem bike was stolen from a locked parking area at our workplace in Sunnyvale. It's a green Pacific brand. Please keep an eye out - should be pretty easy to spot on the road...