Sunday, March 28, 2010

3.28.10 woodside ride

Guy called the 1st ride of the season today in Woodside and certainly hit the mark - beautiful weather, great friends, fine vintage machines. We all met at Woodside school @ 9:30am for a 10am roll out and cruised down Cañada Rd. then down Hwy 92 for a few hundred yards and up 35 to upper Crystal Springs reservoir, over to Polhemus, up hill then over the Hwy 280 pedestrian overpass back to Cañada Rd. with a stop at Robert's Market for take away deli lunches for the Woodside school benches out back by the astroturf soccer field. How many grammer schools do you know that have an astroturf playing field AND tennis courts? They really should install a pool for the poor tykes. Lunch was great as usual and Bradley, Johann, Jan and Peter kept our table laughing the whole time with some great stories. Thought I had taken a pic of Greg eating his salad with a cone wrench but you'll just have to take my word for it. After lunch the bike admiration begins and it's time for goodbyes and the load out. Always hard to say goodbye to such a great crew. Thanks everyone - and thanks, Guy for calling a great ride!

Bob's pics here:!/album.php?aid=157030&id=661332033

my pics here:

'til next time, "Have a Nice Ride"...

Thursday, March 18, 2010

torpado build

praise the lord and pass the ammunition - the torpado is finally done! after fighting multiple flats and procuring the proper stepped cable ferrules this bike is finally road worthy. i'm thinkin' i may have crossed the line with this one. please let me know what you think. here are a few more preliminary pics - more tomorrow:

seller's pics of frame and fork:

auction description of the frame & fork:

Torpado c.1972 GT8000 Frame, Forks and Headset ONLY – 61.5cm c-c

Vintage, very early 1970s Torpado road frameset. This one is old enough to still have a beautiful brass headbadge. Seat tube is 61.5cm c-c, or 63cm c-top of seat cluster lug, and top tube is 60cm. Italian threaded bottom bracket shell and 1” steer tube. Original and VERY nice condition steel chromed headset is included, along with the front center-pull cable stop hanger (see last photo). Races are clean, and pit-free. Rear end is spaced at 123mm … a perfect halfway between five and six speed spacing. Original silver paint with GORGEOUS burgandy seat tube panels, and gold lug lining, shows some light marks from the years, but is still in really fine condition overall. Structurally 100%, although I have not ridden this (way too big for me), or checked it for straightness. Lots of chrome, still in super nice condition, with no obvious bad areas or haze, but a couple of very small marks here and there, and one tiny pit area on top of the non-drive side fork crown. Stamped dropouts have fender eyelets, and no doubt the “GT” in the model name refers to Gran Turismo, or the like, and this could be considered a touring frame. Indeed, it is a perfect candidate for a fixed gear, single speed conversion, given the minimal braze-ons. This probably originally came with a Gian Robert, or Campagnolo Valentino, Velox, Gran Turismo, or similar gruppo. This is not suitable for track / pista use. Not perfect paint anymore, but still very fine, in excellent mechanical condition, very well cleaned and ready to go!

NOTE: There are two pair of top tube brake cable guides, and the back piece of the front pair is attached slightly out of true.

Serial numbers under the bottom bracket are * 211319 *, which after years of collecting these sequences for Torpados and Italvegas, I believe means it was made in 11 of 1972, perhaps the 319th unit. The single exception to this rule happens to have been listed on Ebay recently, but I was unable to actually see those numbers to confirm that they are out of sequence. Even so, I will think that one was an anomaly / mis-stamp, until I see some others like it.

Monday, March 15, 2010

took the gitane TdF direct drive (seen above in the yokohl valley) on this route yesterday - a beautiful, cool, clear spring day perfect for riding:

big pic here:

'til next time. "Have a Nice Ride"...

Friday, March 12, 2010

Jim Merz & Mark Dinucci

From an email to CR list from Jim Merz today:

"I connected with a friend of mine from the old days, James Mason. He is a Portland born bicycle nut who used to hang out at my shop when he was not on some photo assignment for Newsweek or other newpaper. He has been cleaning up a storage unit and found some negitives he took of my shop. I think it is 1978, and the other guy working is Mark Dinucci. These are the only photos I have of the shop, hope you enjoy them. It's a slide show, click the arrows to see them.

2115 NW Everett St. Portland Oregon

Jim Merz Big Sur CA"

'til next time, "Have a Nice Ride"...

Monday, March 8, 2010

3.7.10 ride - woodside, portola valley, stanford, palo alto

cino took me on a ride today: woodside to portola valley to palo alto and back. rode thru stanford and a couple blocks of university ave. then scooted down el camino to check out california ave. - brad told me they cut down all the trees and he was right! but they did replant so i guess it'll only take one or two generations to get it back the way it was...

pics here:

'til next time, "Have a Nice Ride"

Monday, March 1, 2010

italvega - latest build

my latest build for a friend's son. he liked my taste in bikes so I started from scratch. think this came in under $400. the frame is an ebay find for $50! old wheelset from a peugeot (ebay). derailluers are shimano 600 "arabesque" i got a while ago. crankset is sugino mighty. only hot rod part is BB spindle - a campy because the original ofmega was the wrong taper for the crankset. some builds go together amazingly easy but this one fought me every step of the way. still need to complete the back brake and step-ferrule all the cable housings and cone wrench the front axle slightly. but rode it 15 miles yesterday and it was extremely comfortable and not too slow or heavy. it's gonna be a commuter so maybe throw fenders on it...

more pics here:

rest of my bikes here:

'til next time, "have a nice ride"...