Friday, March 12, 2010

Jim Merz & Mark Dinucci

From an email to CR list from Jim Merz today:

"I connected with a friend of mine from the old days, James Mason. He is a Portland born bicycle nut who used to hang out at my shop when he was not on some photo assignment for Newsweek or other newpaper. He has been cleaning up a storage unit and found some negitives he took of my shop. I think it is 1978, and the other guy working is Mark Dinucci. These are the only photos I have of the shop, hope you enjoy them. It's a slide show, click the arrows to see them.

2115 NW Everett St. Portland Oregon

Jim Merz Big Sur CA"

'til next time, "Have a Nice Ride"...


Michael said...

Those photos would make a great exhibit at the right place. I love "historic" images like that. Thanks for sharing them.

portlandjim said...

I have a Facebook page Merz Bicycles. Lots of photos, check it out. Jim Merz