Tuesday, March 25, 2008

---Saturday 3.22.08---

excellent weather + great riding companions + cool bikes = perfect day

* Laurie Bolard on her Gios Torino

* Charles Colerich on his Colnago

* Randy Reidelbach on his '73 Woodrup

* Eric Meddaugh on his '90 Masi 3V

Randy & Eric met at the Log Cabin @ the Presidio & rolled out ~10am to meet Laurie, Charles & Don at the Heliport ~10:40am. Don couldn't ride with us but did bring his awesome looking Lemond to show us - beautiful bike Don!

We proceeded on the usual route enjoying the spring wildflowers and great weather & fellow riders. Eric managed to lay a couple strips of rubber on the bike paths and streets of Sausalito as various animals of dubious intelligence leapt in front of his front wheel to test his reaction time. Randy enjoyed the ride but said he didn't have to do the GG bridge again - lot's of bike traffic this day! Charles & Laurie rode perfectly (as usual) and it was a pleasure riding next to them for extended periods conversing in total confidence. We took a break in Tiburon then rode between the idyllic suburbs and calm water back to the Heliport where Randy & Eric bid farewell to Charles - Laurie had to peel off at the bike trail for another run at Camino Alto since we had not climbed enough. ;>)... Eric tried to lose Randy on the climb out of Sausalito to the bridge but no dice - Randy has been RIDING and is in great shape! A view-tiful ride back across the GG and it was over too soon... A fun day was had by all. Hope to see you in Livermore next weekend!

Regards, Eric



Tuesday, March 11, 2008

nice ride on the masi gc sunday 3.9.08: