Sunday, December 16, 2012

stolen purple schwinn santa clara

STOLEN BIKE ALERT: Purple Schwinn Bike; stolen by using cable cutters on lock, Great America Parkway Santa Clara, early evening 12/9/12.

"Purple, women's frame, 19". One speed coaster brake.
Bicycle frame number: KC29055, written on non-drive side rear dropout. New crank set, pedals, and front chain ring.
Need to get this bike back. Blackburn rack, red REI pannier bags, and black duffel bag. Lots
of stuff in these, stuff of zero commercial value. But I need it back.

On board was large orange covered book from SJSU library, need to return it. Physics : parts I and II / David Halliday, Robert Resnick.

Can return anonymously, no questions asked.
Please contact me or Santa Clara Police.

I saw the guy who rode off with it. Seemed to be two guys working together. I did not get a good look at the partner. If law enforcement or anybody else has suspect photos, even from other cases, I would be happy to look at them.

Here I have borrowed a Schwinn Breeze picture from somewhere. It is what my 1970 Schwinn Breeze originally looked like. It still has its chrome fenders and its rear red reflector. It still has the original handle bars with the Schwinn plastic hand grips epoxyed on.

Some times photographs distort colors, or sometimes some people see colors different from others. Mine is definitely seen by most as purple.

My bike has a different seat, a black seat of the same shape as the original and with two springs. There is a longitudinal tear near the front of the seat, on the right side, about 4 inches long.

There are large paint scratches and some of the decals have washed off. It still has its matching aluminum Schwinn chain guard and the Schwinn head tube badge.

It has a different crank set, chain ring, and pedals. The pedals are aluminum colored Well Go's, with little studs that dig into your shoes. The chain ring is a Dimension 44t Cruiser Model. It has 4 large holes and 3 small holes. The drive pin is where the forth small hole might have been.

My bike has its Bendix RB-2 rear hub, indentifiable by the red band around the center."

Contact owner here if you see it: boss302sweet at gmail dot com

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