Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Bastille Day ride 2012

Here's a bigger pic:

ride announcement:

James Brown would like to call our First Annual Bastille Day Ride on Saturday July 14th (Bastille Day no less)
We will meet at the Woodside School (Woodside California)at 9:30 AM for a 10AM rollout.
Drag out that dusty old French Bike (or at least an old Beret) for our usual Woodside Ride followed by Lunch (Roberts will probably be running a Special on Frommage)
Special Awards for some obscure Criteria to be establish later(but probably having to do with French stuff or Hairy Armpits)

So one more time with the usual :
Park at Woodside School for the meet up at 9:30 AM Riding away at 10AM

Please RSVP so we have a head count of whos expected and whos late as usual (Brad?)

See you there

as usual Any Old Bike is OK with us so dont be put off by the French Theme

19 ciclisti showed up - 'twas a very nice ride and hope to do this again next year!

'til next time, "Have a Nice Ride"...

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