Monday, June 8, 2009

6.6.09 Paradise Loop ride

wow! what a perfect riding day.

riders were:

meli on her kof torpado

stephen on his della santa

stephan on his "new" medici

chas on his "new" holdsworth

eric on his gitane sc

stephan, meli and i started out at the log cabin at the presidio and rode across the golden gate to meet stephen and charles at the mill valley heliport. steven and charles both brought new riding tools to show us - stephan had his new red medici and charles had his maroon holdsworth from across the pond.

we were sidelined for awhile at the mill valley bike swap where stephen found a couple bargains and both he and stephan had to peel off for afternoon duties. meli, chas and i continued up camino alto to larkspur then corte madera and out paradise drive to tiburon where we stopped and had a bite and drink. it was hard to get back on the road from the beautiful weather and people watching and conversation at caffe acri. but once we did we were rewarded with spectacular riding conditions. chas peeled off back at the heliport and meli and i soldiered on up the hills out of sausalito where she kicked my butt even with the semi-corncob freewheel on her gorgeous torpado. the ride back across the golden gate seemed short and effortless and the whole thing was over too soon for me. can't wait for the next one. until next time, "Have a Nice Ride"...


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