Tuesday, June 23, 2009

6.21.09 Father's Day fixed gear ride

We all voted on a ride roll out time of 9:30am and met at Woodside School. About half of the 13 riders showed up on fixed gear machines or trackies and there was some real eye candy to absorb. Peter brought his 1959 red Cinelli trackie and Guy brought a 1965 Bianchi Specialissima that looked like it was on it's 1st ride. We started out nice 'n easy through Woodside past the old store and out Tripp Rd. but by the time we hit the downhill section on Woodside Rd. there were some tires smokin' - Jan and Greg got a little competitive and the rest followed. I was just trying to keep up. Whew, these guys and gals can move! About half the group broke away at Rosotti's for Father's Day celebrating and the rest of us rode Arastradero, Old Page Mill, Foothill, Sandhill back to Robert's Market in Woodside where we grabbed bag lunches and headed back to the school for lunch out back on the picnic tables. A great time was had by all on another beautiful riding day. Thanks everyone for a fun time. Until next time, "Have a Nice Ride"...

pics here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/ericm/sets/72157620284388071/

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