Sunday, January 11, 2009

Paradise Loop ride

What a bee-you-tee-full mid January day even by California standards. Arrived at the Mill Valley heliport about 9:40am. This was one of the smallest showings I have seen on a CR called ride: one person - me. At least I know the route by now so started out 10:05am for a pleasant ride through paradise. There were many, many cyclists out today but nobody I knew. Many egrets in the salt ponds by the bike trail near the freeway. The Gitane SC is not known as my favorite hill climber but it seemed to take Camino Alto easy today - no huffin' 'n puffin' - well not much anyway. The rest of the ride was beautiful as usual and uneventful. Rolled into Tiburon for lunch at the normal spot for a ham 'n cheese croissant heated panini style and a Sierra Nevada - yum! Very enjoyable ride after that and beautiful ride home along the coast at Ocean Beach - man there were hundreds of people at that beach! Almost hit 70 degrees today... More pics:

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