Sunday, January 25, 2009

honjos on the pro

Too cold and windy today for a ride so decided to install the Honjo smooth 36mm fenders on the '74 Raleigh Pro commuter bike. I'd done this before on the '78 Raleigh Comp and it gets easier every time. The only snag on this job was the far away chain stay bridge which I needed to drill & tap to accept a 10-32 x 1.5" screw to make sure the fender had the right relationship to the tire along it's entire length. I hate it when fenders are installed directly to the chain stay bridge "inappropriately" - just my OCD surfacing I guess... Oh yeah, this frame was never meant to have fenders (no eyelets on dropouts) so used the little padded p-clamps. I think they turned out OK, let me know what you think.

more pics here:

"have a nice ride"

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