Monday, October 24, 2016

10.23.16 Waterfall Ride

The 3 amigos ride again!

Greg Davis on his early 80's Palo Alto
Andy Antipas on his gorgeous late 70's Colnago
me on the late 70's Motobecane Le Champion I used in Cali Eroica 2016

Greg called this one for the Big Basin loop we usually do but this time we took Lodge Rd. to the back entrance of the state park. Lodge Rd. is a 1 lane broken pavement pot-holed brush and branch littered challenge. I thought I'd have the widest tires but the other 2 amigos were on 30+ mm rubber, I rode 28 mm. We pass the state park back entrance sign at the top of the climb and descend carefully into Big Basin. Eventually we come upon building materials and park employee housing and a "Road Closed" sign! We proceed anyway to find a large washout and follow the dirt and gravel around it. The road is now smooth and we descend gleefully and stop at Sempervirens Falls for a break and photo op. Riding on smelling campfires we turn right on Hwy 236 and into park headquarters - busy day! (sunday) More photos and we climb, and climb, and climb out of the redwoods and into the oaks, like BAM, as if there is a distinct border between the flora. Passing the China Grade turn off we decide to go for the full monty towards Hwy 9. I am finally starting to notice something - the road is incredibly smooth! Makes sense since almost the entire length of 236 has been resurfaced. It is like riding on a cloud... Short rest at Hwy 9 before we shift to our highest gears and fly down into San Lorenzo Valley, this is always my favorite part of the ride. The other 2 amigos became smaller and quickly disappeared as I labored to keep up.

What a great ride! Perfect temps, great friends, challenging climbs, smooth roads - hard to ask for a better day. Thanks Greg for calling the ride, it was a pleasure to meet and ride with Andy, let's do it again soon!

More photos here:

Until next time, "Have a Nice Ride"...

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