Saturday, February 15, 2014

Bob's Birthday ride - Paradise loop 2.15.14

What a great day for a ride and not 1 but 2 celebrations - Bob's birthday and Nicole and Eric's engagement!

11 hearty souls braved the cool sometimes windy weather and threat of rain for another great Paradise Loop ride, conversation, and admiring each other's lugged steel human powered machines. Camino Alto climb was challenging for a couple others and me recovering from this season's nasty weeks long "flu". The twisty downhill to Larkspur has been refinished and is now just smooth & sublime. Cutting over to the bike trail we cruised easily under hwy 101 and headed out Paradise Drive for the usual loop - views, water, trees and way less traffic than I've seen on this route. Group pic in Tiburon and no stop at Caffe Acri today as we wanted to leave room for Rita's amazing cooking back at Casa de Freitas.

The man cave (Bob's garage) was filled with tasty snacks and tasty bikes as usual. We were called to the table inside for a simply amazing feast of bikie proportions. Rita is a wonderful hostess and we thank her so much for allowing us to help Bob celebrate once again!

More pics here:

Helena's pics here:

If anyone has more pics please email (or comment) me a link and I'll include them here.

Thanks for a great day, Bob and Rita! And congratulations to Nicole and Eric! Bob, that 40 y.o. port was amazing!

'til next time, "Have a Nice Ride"...

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m e l i g r o s a said...

looks like a good time eric, but you are all a super cool group. tanti greetings :) xxom