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Dave Martinez Nov. 4, 1955 - Jan. 21, 2013


Jan 22

I have found out that DAVE MARTINEZ long time Vintage
Bike enthusiast and CR Listmember was hit by a car yesterday while
riding his bike to work.He was a regular bike commuter ,sometimes on his
1960 Frejus City bike. Emergency Personnel were unable to revive him.
Dave was one of the local riders who often called rides
here in the Bay Area and if you had ridden in Niles , Woodside or
Pescadero, it was usually a ride he had called. Dave would call the
Annual Fausto Coppi ride which he was unable to do this year because of
a change in his job schedule. Dave was a veteran Park Ranger for the
East Bay Parks District.
Dave went to L'EROICA in 2007 and I think he had been
back 3 or 4 times since and last time we talked (last week) he was
planning his next Italian Trip. His Wife, Linda is also a Vintage Bike
Enthusiast and I beleive both of his sons, Ryan and Chris have been on
our rides here as well as to L'EROICA.
I know there is a service being planned but do not
have much information about time and place. I will update the list as
more info comes available.

Sorry to be the
Bearer of Bad News. I will miss him as he was a close friend.
Fausto Copious

Jan 22

I was with Dave at L'Eroica in 2007 and 2012 and have known him since the early 90s. A genuinely nice guy and a very enthusiastic cyclist and collector. This is sad and shocking news. I'm sure he touched many lives.

RIP Dave.

Bob Freeman
Edward Albert

Jan 22

This truly is terrible news...again. Unfortunately, I've lost count of people who have died similarly. I met Dave through the list, of course, but had the pleasure of hanging with him at L'Eroica in 2007. I think Bob Freitas introduced us at the swap the day before the ride. He literally dragged me across the square to look at a Bianchi he wanted to buy; asked what I thought. Looked good to me, reasonable, he bought it and somehow got it shipped home. Really a great guy. RIP.
Eddie Albert
Chappaqua, New York, USA
Stephen Bryne

Jan 22

I was very sorry to hear about Dave's passing. I knew Dave from vintage bike rides in the Bay Area. He was a fixture on these rides and he will be sorely missed. He was passionate about Italy and Italian bikes--in particular Cinellis and Bianchis. He shared his passion and knowledge freely. My condolences to his family.
Stephen Bryne
Fairfax and Ventura, California
Scott Davis

Jan 22

Sorry to hear the tragic news. I've gotten to know Dave for the past 10 years through the list and he has always been a first class guy. Although we never met in person, I considered him a friend. My thoughts and prayers are with his family.
Scott Davis
Minneapolis, Minnesota USA
devon warner

Jan 22

oh, very sad news indeed. he still had so many miles left on him. he is missed!
devon warner
san francisco, usa
Masi Mike

Jan 22

I was saddened to read about the death of Dave Martinez. He was a true gentleman. Whenever I was in San Francisco with my bike, I'd call Dave for a ride. He'd pick me up at the Fremont Bart station with his car and we'd usually go to Woodside for a ride. He usually rode his beautiful Altenberger equipped Cinelli SC. On those rides I was never in shape, so he'd have to slow down or wait for me. But he never complained. My condolences to his family.

Michael Allison
New York, NY
Norman Hellman

Jan 22

Dear CR group- This is terrible news. I have corresponded for many years with Dave, when he responded to an ad that I posted in VeloNews. Dave and I were passionate Frejus fans, although he branched out to other marques. Somewhere I still have letters he had written to me from California, way before computers and e-mail, about starting a group of vintage bike collectors just as Dale has done with the CR group. We kept in touch over the years, but I never met him. This is a great loss for all of us. Respectfully,Norm Hellman, Bronx, NY.
Felix Chiu

Jan 22

This is a very say day for me! I have probably known Dave for over twenty years, long before I got seriously into bicycles. Dave and I shared the same passion for many things including bicycles, Alfa Romeos, Ducatis, Italy and generally all things Italian. Even thou I moved away from the Bay Area almost 7 years ago and had not seen Dave much, we kept fairly close contact with emails. Just last week, Dave wrote me to say that he is planning early retirement from being a Parks Ranger so that he can travel more and even spend a few months in Italy each year. I offered my support and encouraged him to do so!

I remembered fondly of the times I spent with Dave and his family on rides, car outings and of them coming out to the many car races I was in to support me. Dave's spirit will always be part of every pelaton I will ever be in!

Felix Chiu
Vancouver, BC
and currently in Puerto Escondido, Mexico
Terry McClintock

Jan 22

Really sad news. I wasn't around Dave much, maybe half a dozen rides, but with some people it doesn't take much to get to know them and to call them friends. He was interested in you and what you had to say. Truly a nice guy, and I will miss him.

Terry McClintock
San Anselmo, CA, USA
John Siemsen

Jan 22

Oh geeze Bob. This is terrible news about a truly nice man. Met him on many occasions at swaps, some rides. He had some of the best bikes in his collection, was always willing to share knowledge, show his bikes (shots of a Frejus for his wife shown at 2004 Velo Rendezvous).
What a loss and heartening to see the outpouring of affection and kind thoughts on CR.

John Siemsen
Portland, Oregon, USA

Ric Hjertberg

Jan 23

Hello folks,
I read but do not contribute to this forum but Dave's passing moves me to a message. I simply wish to add to remembrances. I ran Wheelsmith in Palo Alto for 25 years and Dave was a special friend/customer/conspirator. I shut operations in 1999 but that era was special, no matter how long any of us lives.

Other posts refer to Dave's dignity, humility, friendliness, intelligence, enthusiasm, etc. I don't need to make a case for him. One anecdote, however, needs to move from my fuzzy cranium to this classic community. In March of 1996 we screened “Il Grande Fausto,” Alberto Sironi’s classic film about Coppi, at Wheelsmith when it was in downtown Palo Alto. I persuaded George Mount (didn't take much coaxing) to do a simultaneous translation, explanation, interpretation of this compelling 3 hour production.

It was also the 20th anniversary of George's Olympic achievement, a surprise event for him. Everything was free, we must have been hippies or delirious fans of classic cycling. I think a fair amount of Chianti found its way into the crowd that numbered about 200. Among our most dedicated attendees was Dave and his (very pregnant) wife Linda. Towards the end of the 3 hour enduro, he found me and apologized. They had to leave early, Linda was possibly in the early stages of delivering their son. I can't report if that was the night but this is how we live our lives. Dave and Linda cared so much to share that screening with George and fellow fiends.

Passion for life, for the glories of past lives, for the warmth of community. Dave was the living breathing evidence of this lucky lifestyle. Our ways parted as I closed Wheelsmith and moved to Seattle. My wife and I want to convey to Linda and sons how deeply this loss is felt afar. We can't imagine losing each other. But the easy going humility that surrounded Dave is a sweet consolation for those who knew him. God rest.

- Ric Hjertberg, Seattle
Chas. Colerich

Jan 24

Hi Stephen,

I was blown away when I heard the sad news.

I met Dave on my first CR ride back in 2006. He was such a friendly guy,
I always looked foreword to seeing him on subsequent CR rides.
Occasionally his wife Linda would show up with him for a ride too.

They were a great couple. Dave was always happy and smiling, that's the
way I'll remember him.

I was in the hospital for about 8 weeks in 2011-2012. Even though we
only saw each other on CR rides, Dave took the time to email me on
several occasions to see how I was doing. I've always appreciated that.

The attached photo was my first view of Dave. His back is turned but you
can see him standing beside his Alpha Romeo wearing his matching jersey.

Dave's Bianchi Paris-Roubaix is leaning up against the trunk.

Chas. Colerich
Oakland, CA USA

Jan 24

Morning Stephen & Chas,

I wasn't exactly sure what to write a few days ago as I'm usually short of words when someone I know passes on. I didn't know Dave all that well and might have met him at Cirque if he attended but I know we've emailed back and forth on numerous occasions and Dave was always knowledgeable and helpful. Again as said I didn't know him all that well but it's obvious from reading the many letters from group members that Dave was a great person and a close friend to many on the CR. He will be missed by us all.
Best regards,

Peter Naiman
Glendale, WI USA
Linda & Dave Martinez @ L'Eroica 2010
photo by eric
David Martinez
Nov. 4, 1955 - Jan. 21, 2013
Resident of Fremont
Born in San Jose California, David grew up on 3rd Street and D Streets in the Niles District of Fremont. His parents Basilio "Buzz" Martinez (predeceased) and his mother Shirley Gallegos Martinez of Hayward provided a loving home and a strong work ethic for young David and his two brothers, Leonard and Dennis.
Taught by his father at an early age, David learned to hunt and fish, perform his daily chores and to ride a bicycle. Bored with conventional "training wheels", he quickly established a confidence and passion for "two-wheeled" cycling.
David attended Hacienda Elementary School, Hopkins Jr. High School and finally graduating from Mission San Jose High School, Class of 1973. While working an assortment of part-time jobs, he continued his education at Chabot Community College of Hayward.
On July 1, 1980, David began his career with the East Bay Regional Parks District. He met the love of his life,
Linda Marin, of the Marin family, Fremont area residents for many generations. Like a hand in glove, they both enjoyed the outdoors, hiking, backpacking, camping, fishing and an undeniable passion for cycling.
David and Linda were married on August 27, 1989 at Shinn Park in Fremont with many generations of Martinez and Marin family and friends in attendance. Their family began with first-born son Christopher, the apple of their eye. Their second son Ryan was born two year later and now the family is complete. It's time to have fun. Let's go cycling!
As the years passed, raising a family did not deter David and Linda in their passion of cycling. Short rides and long rides with family and friends and among groups of cyclists with popular Bay Area clubs and beyond.
Let's go to Italy! Vacations to Italy were intentionally planned with cycling in mind. Rome, Florence, Venice, Cortina'd Ampezzo, Sirmione, Gaiole in Chianti were just a few exciting cycling destinations. Their travels were rewarded with lifetime experiences and friendships. David and Linda were in love with Italy and they were in love with each other.
Today the motto of the East Bay Regional Parks District is "Embrace Life". Such a motto could not be more fitting for the legacy of David Mark Martinez.
January 21, 2013 was the morning of his last bicycle ride. His loving family, friends and co-workers mourn his loss and will forever honor his memory.
Holy Sepulchre Cemetery and Chapel of the Angels.
Services Schedule: Wednesday January 30, 2013, Viewing 4pm-5pm, Visitation and Remembrance 5pm-7pm, Catholic Memorial Service 7pm-8:30pm. Thursday January 31, 2013, Chapel Service 11am-12pm, Burial Service 12pm-1pm.
Chapel of the Angels, 1051 Harder Rd. Hayward, CA 94542 (510) 537-6600.


Leonard Martinez said...

Dear Friends of David,

On behalf of David's wife Linda, his sons Christopher and Ryan, and David's mother Shirley and his brother Dennis, and myself, we wish to extend our sincere appreciation to the entire cycling community, near and far, for your gracious comments and remembrances of our beloved David.

Your photos and comments allowed family members and friends an intimate and inspirational glimpse into David's passion of cycling.

Some of your photos were used to memorialize David in his video tribute. Our apologies for not crediting the owners or the sources of these photos but please know that the availability of your delightful images contributed greatly to the preservation of his memory.

David's video tribute has been uploaded to You Tube:

David's reach into the cycling community was evident during my recent visit to a local Fremont Starbuck's. The patio area was filled with women cyclists enjoying a late morning finish to their ride. With my brew in my hand I asked them to join me in a toast to David Martinez. In unison they rose to their feet to acknowledge my little brother David. At that moment I lost my composure. Their response completely overwhelmed me. Thank you ladies of Fremont Freewheelers. It is a Starbuck's visit I shall not soon forget.

David's eternal love of everything outdoors was merely an addendum to his profound love for his wife and two young sons.

Thank you cycling community for sharing the memory of our beloved David Mark Martinez with us.

Linda Martinez & Sons
Leonard, Dennis & Shirley Martinez

Leonard Martinez said...

East Bay Regional Park Ranger Dave Martinez Memorial Bike Ride.

Remember our friend and co-worker with a fun bike ride on the Alameda Creek Trail. Monday February 11, 2013, 10am - 1pm. Meet at the Quarry Lakes Pavilion Area and ride to Coyote Hills - about a 20 mile round trip. Trail is mostly paved. Everyone is welcome! Rain will cancel. Join us for pizza afterwards at Bronco Billy's Pizza Palace, 37651 Niles Blvd., Fremont. For more information contact; Paul Lewis, 510-477-0905, or Robert Spencer, 510-332-0523,

jazza said...

Thank you cycling community for sharing the memory of our beloved David Mark Martinez with us.
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