Sunday, May 9, 2010

Paradise Loop ride 5.8.10

Ramona, Johann and I started out from the Log Cabin at the Presidio and headed over to the statue to meet Adrienne and we all cruised Golden Gate bridge starting just after 10am. Was glad I brought the jacket as it was brisk and a bit windy already. We met Bob, Dave, the O'Chan clan and a couple of new riders, Stan and Victor, at the Heliport in Mill Valley. Victor brought a very nice custom fitted Rock Lobster and Stan was riding his 1950's Healing track bike - both were riding fixed gear! I thought Stan's Healing was very cool as that is my favorite era in cycling, just after the war in Britain. Although the Healing is Australian you could tell the British influence straight away. after Ramona was done using Dave's banana phone and a few more laughs and pics we were off across the flats and grinding up Camino Alto. Laurie B. and her son Dylan surprised us at the top of the hill and hung with us for the main leg to Tiburon - great seeing you Laurie, it's been too long! We all chatted for a bit then headed down the hill at a brisk pace and then onto the bike trail and back under the freeway onto Paradise Dr. I stopped with the O'Chans for a snack about 1/2 way around - Una & Declan were doing very well on this ride but were starting to bonk slightly and it was time to fuel up with some energy bars. The ride from there into Tiburon is always my favorite area, very scenic with a couple fun rollers to get up some good speed. Lunch at Caffe Acri was delicious and leisurely. It was too nice of a day not to enjoy so we did lollygag a bit and enjoy the sights and sunshine. Laurie and Dylan had a full schedule so peeled off here while the rest of us cruised the back streets and neighborhoods of Tiburon on our way out to the bike trail on the water. Still a beautiful day but the wind had kicked in more and did make riding more challenging. Over 101 we went across the pedestrian bridge, through the Ferrari & Lambo dealer to check out this years models and also our expertise riding "cobblestones" then through more watery neighborhoods and a green field we were back on the flats heading for the Heliport. Victor, Stan and the O'Chan clan peeled off and Ramona, Johann and I kept riding back through Sausalito, up Alexander Ave. and across the Golden Gate once again. After ending back at the Log Cabin we said our goodbyes and I loaded up while Johann and Ramona rode back home. Thanks for the wonderful day and great ride everyone, I had a blast and hope you did too! More pics here:

Ramona's pics here:

Bob's pics here:

Adrienne's pics here:

'til next time, "Have a Nice Ride!"...

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