Sunday, March 1, 2009

1st direct drive ride w/paul

Got a break from the rain yesterday (Saturday) so decided to finally take the direct drive Gitane out for it's maiden voyage. I wanted to find out if I could navigate it through a whole Woodside ride and be able to make it up the hills with the 47 - 16 gears it now has. It did real well up until Sand Hill Rd. west of hwy 280 - that climb almost made me dismount & walk but my ego wouldn't permit it so my legs and knees are talking to me today...

Paul met me behind the Pioneer Saloon and brought along his old Shogun touring bike - what a cool machine! You don't see hand pin striping and decorating along with a cool old Shimano 600 Arabesque group and paint and accessory contrasting like that in any new bike - someone put some thought into building this one...

We headed through Woodside on the usual CR Woodside ride going out Kings Mtn. Rd. to Tripp Rd. out Portola Valley left on Alpine, right on Old Arastradero, Old Page Mill Rd., north on Foothill Expy., west on Sand Hill Rd. then back to Woodside on Mountain Home Rd. Very pleasant ride - Paul actually had fun on a couple stretches and I hope he'll make it a regular event. His bike needs a few things - tires, tubes, chain and a rear wheel truing but it is basically very sound and looks and rides great. I took a couple phone pix on the ride itself and I'll have to post those later.

Until next time, "Have a Nice Ride"

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