Sunday, November 23, 2008

10 speeds NOT

OK, so I was curious... Never ridden a track bike or fixed gear before so decided to try it. This is my 1st fixed gear build, don't know if it will be the last. Yes, I left BOTH brakes on - sorry fixed kiddies but this ol' dog needs some trainin' on this new machine. And training I did get. The thing I noticed most is that after climbing and reaching the top of a hill I want to coast for a minute. Well, this bike actually insisted I NOT do that in no uncertain terms. I rode from Hwy 92 to Woodside over Olive Hill and down Tripp then thru town and back. Gears are 52 chainring 16 rear cog - seems a bit long but OK for this route. Would a 50 or 48 tooth chainring be better? Dunno but please comment 'cause I need help - I am a fixed/track neophyte. The other thing that I noticed is chain tension can be critical - too loose starting out today I heard a few chain crunchings (I imagine on the rear cog) on bumps and turns - too tight and it was constantly noisy and binding (hope I didn't kill the rear wheel bearings/races). It appears the chainline is about one cog off so I'm thinking of relocating the chainring to the inside of the crank spider - there's plenty of clearance from the chainstay, so, anyone see anything wrong with that? I put this bike together in about an hour, the majority of that time being attention paid to the frankensteinian bottom bracket. The fixed cup is Campag, the adjustable cup is Peugeot 80's crap, the spindle is Shimano and the "loose balls" (no Viagra) are 1/4" grade 25's from ebay. No good can come of this combo but I am hoping it won't throw me over the bars anytime soon... BTW, I bought my 1st set of Pasela Panaracer Tour Guards 27x1 1/8" for this build and I'm amazed at the ride - so comfy & pillowy!


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